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Liaison Messenger is a forms automation server that adds true workflow, routing, faxing, e-mailing and archiving of all business forms (e.g., Invoices, Purchase Orders, Statements, etc…) with no additional hardware or user intervention.

Messenger automatically processes printing by request or on a scheduled basis for unattended processing. Messenger allows the end-user to store the preferred methods of receiving business forms for customer's, vendor’s, salespeople, locations and internally to management - all based on the data processed in Dynamics.

Messenger's true power comes with automation scripts you can create. Setting up unique workflow automation rules for all forms, even for multiple company datasets, is a snap!

When sending out Statements include, with an email or fax, all Invoices that appear on the Statement.

When your clients are making their receivables calls one of the first responses they probably hear is "We didn't received that invoice." At that point, the receivables person then has to manually retrieve the past due Invoices and either fax or email them manually. With Messenger you can now automate distributing all invoices listed on the statement along with the Customer's Statement.

This new feature will:
- Increase cash flow by decreasing receivables.
- Cut down on phone calls to past due accounts.
- Eliminate manually faxing or emailing past due Invoices.

For more information contact:
Tom Nielsen
Liaison Software
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