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IVideo Module for RMS

IVideo rental module is a custom add on to Microsoft Retail Management Solutions and is a single store solution for Video Rental via the RMS SO POS screen.

Some Features:

Rent or sell items from the same POS screen.
Inform cashier of late fees or items past due for return for selected customer.
Force payment of late fees before continued rental.
Inform cashier of CC expiry currently on file for selected customer.
Force non-expired CC be on file for continued rental.
Inform cashier of current # of rentals out for selected customer.
Rent items that are only designated "Rental".
Create rental deals that only apply to specific items either by Department or Category.
Create rental deals that only apply on specified days.
Create rental deals that offer split pricing by the retail price.
Create rental deals that are subject to retail price.
Create rental deals of buy x get y.
Create rental deals that combine above features.
Delete and create new rentals easily.
Reporting features that rival RMS Active reports, generate virtually hundreds of different reports.
Quick scan rental returns.
Auto generation of any late fees.
Cashier notification of current status of rentals out.


Each item to be rented must have a unique ItemLookupCode.
Workorders are used for IVideo purposes only.
IVideo Status window at POS must be used.
Custom buttons at POS must be used.
Other MS RMS SO switches.

For more information contact:
Randy Burnett
Ideal Computer Solutions
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