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IPO - Purchase Order creation/management

IPO is a tool to help create Purchase Orders within and outside of MS RMS. How many times have you heard "Can I just scan in my products when receiving?" with IPO now you can. Also you may have come across the problems of creating new products at time of ordering or at receiving, IPO addresses these and other issues.

With IPO you can create items at the time you create Purchase Orders with out having to jump to different screens. Walk around with a PDC (portable data collector) and collect items and quantities you want to order without regard to particular supplier, IPO will fiqure that out for you, just download, create and go! Many businesses order new products on a regular basis and find it easier to create new items at time of receiving due to much of the product information is not known until product actually arrives. With IPO you can scan in products and IPO will alert and prompt you through a new item wizard for new products. (this feature can be turned off for HQ based stores)


Compile list of items to order by copy-pasting upc codes from your suppliers website into IPO. IPO will find match from within your database or prompt you through a new item wizard.

Press Create and IPO will generate a PO in RMS for each supplier!

Future enhancements will allow:
* Generation of PO from Supplier based file...
* Order requests...

IPO can be run in demo mode but will limit 3 items to a supplier when creating Purchase Orders within RMS.

For more information contact:
Randy Burnett
Ideal Computer Solutions
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