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ICash - POS dashboard for cash mngmt.

ICash features a custom dashboard (Status) to portray to the cashier their current cash status to preset thresholds.

ICash portrays "Green" background during proper cash amounts;
"Yellow" when approaching preset cash thresholds;
"Red" when attaining preset cash thresholds;
"Flashing Red" when exaggerated cash amounts are above thresholds;

ICash dashboard also provides:
* Drop counts for the shift
* Last Drop for the shift
* Transaction count for the hour
* Transaction count for the shift
* Transaction average for the shift

ICash reporting
* ICash comes with a custom cash audit report for RMS
* Audit transactions throughout the shift including;
--> Drop counts
--> Last Drop
# Transaction Count
# Cash in drawer (running total)
# ICash Action i.e. "Green, Yellow, Red"
# Transaction Average
# Transaction for hour

* C-Stores
* Liquor/Beer/Wine
* any high cash environment

* Lesson security risk by maintaining minimal cash amounts in drawer
* Lesson cash +/-
* Saves time by tracking cash for clerk
* Does not interfere with transactions flow at any time
* Set separate AM and PM cash thresholds
* Audit trail reporting ensures proper cash management at all times

For more information contact:
Randy Burnett
Ideal Computer Solutions
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