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Advanced General Ledger

Advanced General Ledger makes light work of creating and managing Charts of Accounts with multiple segments yielding huge reporting benefits. Complex charts of accounts can be set up in minutes (considerably more quickly than using Excel spreadsheets) and transaction coding is substantially accelerated (5 times faster than with standard GL). It has the capability to amend or extend Chart of Accounts at any time and maintain full history.

Additional features/benefits:

* Enhancement of the GL code 'lookup' throughout the system to enable complex multi-segment codes to be looked up in seconds very easily - enabling documents to be easily coded in a multi-faceted way.

* Storage of multi-dimensional analysis for any or all transactions within the General Ledger. This provides a coherent, structured, periodically summarised data-warehouse for your financial information - which is very easy to report on, in summary or in detail. It also enables comparison with prior periods or unlimited budgets or forecasts (using optional reporting tools, such as FRx or Vision).

* Quick creation of an ideal new Chart of Accounts from scratch or it can be used to improve an existing chart of accounts.

* For existing Chart of Accounts Advanced GL allows you to increase the number of segments (without losing existing data or history), improve your full descriptions based upon your segment descriptions and to build fast look-up tables from any existing segment descriptions you may have in the system.

* If you want to mix product and customer related analysis then we have a companion product called Advanced SOP / GL Defaulter. Wth this product you can automatically post such analysis from Sales Invoices - i.e. with zero coding effort - into your General Ledger.

* Current version handles variable number of segments (currently 2-9 segments).

* Creation of rules and groups of rules, templates and account changer/combiner capability and with an option to save rule-sets for code combinations.

We offer a free trial of the software and are confident that once used you will wonder how you managed without (visit our web site to download). Dynamics GP partners can sign up as resellers without fee and can earn attractive margins. We are proud of our friendly and responsive support service.

For more information contact:
Esther Apoussidis
M4 Systems Ltd
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