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iQ4bis Analysis-Reporting & SharePoint

iQ4bis is a Business Intelligence vendor (not a consulting firm disguised as a vendor) and Microsoft Gold Partner focusing on Dynamics clients. Many companies like you are looking to take advantage of the next most important asset after their clients & staff, their data. The goal is to minimize the dependencies and limitations of canned reports, FRX, Crystal Reports, PivotTables and the age old story of 'trying' to build something in-house; iQ4bis provides an end-to-end solution.

Product Suite:
.iQ4bis Analysis- Our highly intuitive user interface provides a graphical representation of your Enterprise Metrics- so easy to use we printed the user manual on a mouse pad (literally).

.iQ4bis DataServer - Our Dynamics templates and wizard will make mapping and creation of the OLAP cubes a breeze while self-documenting any/all changes. Make a change to the project? Click a button and receive documentation for the entire project; just what you need to give you your customer.

.iQ4bis SharePoint- Complete integration with your existing collaboration platform to enable rapid sharing of cubes, transferable metadata within a secure environment.

At first blush, many BI front end tools look alike. What is so special about iQ4bis, it's DataServer?

-The first actionable information is delivered within hours of software being installed.
-Changes can be made at a later stage to any project. The DataServer Wizard automatically realigns the entire project for you.
-You can preview metadata at every stage during implementation to test your assumptions.
-Standard Microsoft cubes are created, so you can use any reporting application on the market to analyze the data in them.
-Your single-version-of-the-truth analytics can be viewed hours into the implementation process.
-Business-ready DataServer Adapters are in place for the latest versions of ERP systems. When you upgrade your ERP system, iQ4bis automatically adjusts.
-The Drag-and-drop DataServer Wizard allows you to view analytics from data in custom business systems in a few hours when you need to, and aligns its data with your ERP data.
-DataServer makes it so easy, you can focus solely on the business needs, not on esoteric SQL code.
-Most iQ4bis customers go live within two weeks, and many take advantage of our fixed-price installation.
-DataServer obviates the need for a specialized business intelligence team, so you can stick to what you do best: running your business

Contact iQ4bis Software Incorporated at www.iq4bis.com or email brandon.kirby@iq4bis.com directly for more information on DataServer and Analysis.

For more information contact:
Brandon Kirby
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