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Sage Integration for MS CRM

The SYNC Uploaderfor CRM integrates your sales ledger with Microsoft CRM 4.0 to upload customers, products, and invoices into CRM from the accounting database. Two-way data integration is possible between Microsoft CRM and Sage Line 50 and we can integrate any accounting system on a consultancy basis.

Our integration software is designed to make sales ledger information available within CRM including the complete purchase history. Account balances, credit limits, and the on hold status are updated regularly to help you monitor your sales processes and we can integrate your system with our credit checking software if required.

SYNC Uploader complements our SYNC Accounting software which provides a read-only view of the accounting data from within CRM.

The SYNC Uploader program is usually installed on a workstation and configured to copy new information from the accounting system into CRM several times a day. We can also cope with situations where the accounts are maintained in a separate location, if you use a bookkeeping service for example.

New customers, products and invoices are automatically copied from the accounting database into CRM eliminating the need to key in information twice. Product purchase history is made available within CRM so you can create reports and marketing lists according to the purchasing history of your customers using the query features of CRM..

Two-way integration is possible with Sage Line 50 to allow you to exploit the full sales cycle within CRM. A product invoice is created automatically within Sage each time an order is accepted by the customer and uploaded together with new products and customers. The accountant has full control over this process and invoices are loaded into the invoicing module allowing modifications to be made before posting to the sales ledger.

The SYNC Uploader for CRM retails at 995 plus VAT for a 10 user CRM installation with additional 10 user license packs available for 495. We recommend that you purchase annual software updates at 20% of the software price and we can install the software over a VPN for a fee of 100. You may also like to look at our SYNC Accounting software which provides a read-only view of your accounting database accessible within CRM.

Please email sync@redware.com or call Stamati Crook on 0845 3010 444 with your requirements and we can often integrate your accounting system with CRM within 24 hours.
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