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Advanced Recurring Billing

Advanced Recurring Billing is an ideal solution for businesses engaged in the service sector (including membership services), utilities and non-profit organisations who are looking to automate the billing of memberships, subscriptions, recurring or metered (pro-rated or flat rate) contracts, applying anniversary date, product billing cycle or custom rules. The system handles approvals, audit trail and exception reporting.

Advanced Recurring Billing saves time and money as well as improves accuracy by:
*automatically deferring contract revenue , thus eliminating re-keying and re-import of recurring data at each billing cycle
* reducing the risk of bills being missed and revenue being lost
* speeding up managerial review
* enabling automatic billing within one secure system.

It improves control and regulatory compliance by:
* applying a workflow process to contract stages, such that terms and price changes are fully authorised and approved
* focusing on correct pricing and getting the contract correctly set up from the outset
* improving procedural security
* full exception reporting
* providing a complete history (audit trail) of changes.

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For more information contact:
Esther Apoussidis
M4 Systems Ltd
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