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Advanced Security Monitor / Reporter

M4ís Advanced Security Monitor / Reporter enhancement module for Dynamics GP gives peace of mind and provides a powerful audit tool by tracking all security changes and enabling quick and easy comparison of security states, settings and profiles (including third party modules) and sending e-mail alerts detailing any changes.

Product Highlights:

* Easy to install and configure
* Seamless integration - no risk to existing data or setup
* Tracks all changes to all users' security profiles for the whole Dynamics GP system, including third party Dexterity add-in modules
* Powerful reports enable security profiles to be easily assessed by managers and auditors in contrast to the existing reports built into Dynamics GP which are hundreds of pages long and very difficult to assimilate
* Snapshot facility compares security states between any two dates (using calendar format)
* Easy to compare security profiles between users and user classes
* Tracks and compares changes in rate types using an exchange table
* Email alerts sent immediately changes are made, detailing who made the change and options for granting and revoking security access.

We offer a free trial period for customers and partners (visit our web site to download as well as view additional solution details). We offer Dynamics GP resellers generous margins with no sign-up fee. We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service.

For more information contact:
Esther Apoussidis
M4 Systems Ltd
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