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Smart Warehouse Automated Data Capture System

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Smart Warehouse Automated Data Capture System (ADCS) gives you the ultimate control over your inventory. Utilizing bar code and radio frequency (RF) technology, Smart Warehouse ADCS makes inventory control faster and easier, while increasing productivity and the availability of accurate inventory data throughout your company. And it does it all in real time.

Hit the inventory bull’s eye.

After American Unit implements Microsoft Dynamics NAV Smart Warehouse ADCS in your company, every employee will have access to real-time, accurate information. No more guesswork. No more hoping an item is in the warehouse. No more missed sales due to incorrect data. Additionally, company management can base critical decisions on rock-solid information – reacting to changing stock levels as necessary to improve productivity across the enterprise.

You can even share your inventory information with suppliers and clients to further streamline your operations.

Smart Warehouse ADCS Key Benefits:

1.Enables real-time collection and use of accurate inventory data
2.Utilizes radio frequency (RF) technology to improve warehouse efficiency and productivity
3.Increases accessibility of accurate inventory data throughout the company

For more information contact:
Devender Aerrabolu
American Unit Inc
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