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ExpandIT Launch Utility

ExpandIT Launch Utility enables scheduled and automated jobs in Navision. These jobs could be periodic reports or statistics, import or export of data (Dataport), or execution of stepwise operations (Codeunit).

Once in a while, a server restart is necessary and then it is important that the system remembers all scheduled jobs, including all NAV jobs, and starts and stops them in the correct order.

ExpandIT Launch Utility uses Windows Scheduled Tasks allowing it to schedule Navision jobs linked with scheduled jobs in other business critical systems.

Launch Utility vs. NAV 5.0 Job Queue
1. Ease of use - Launch Utility does not require NAS.
2. Stability - Each task run by Launch Utility runs in an isolated process. With Job Queue all jobs share the process and errors may affect multiple jobs.
3. Scheduling flexibility - Launch Utility uses Windows Scheduler, which has a lot more scheduling options.
4. In Launch Utility you can debug a job by watching it run.
5. Launch Utility has better error reporting in the event log and can send an email or SMS to administrators.
6. Launch Utility works on all versions of NAV.
7. Launch Utility can also run dataports and forms directly.
8. Launch Utility can terminate a process if it runs longer than specified.
9. Launch Utility supports the use of specific .zup files and can run in the context of a Windows user. Job Queue runs only as a service. This can affect printing and e-mailing.
10. Launch Utility can run other programs depending on the success or error status of the running job.

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