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Process Manager and Printing

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Topic: Process Manager and Printing
Posted By: david
Subject: Process Manager and Printing
Date Posted: September 28 2011 at 6:18pm
Guys, I've been chasing this particular problem with Process Manager for a couple of years now and I still can't find a resolution and it drives one of my branches WILD !!!

We run SL 6.5 SP1, and SOMETIMES, for particular Sales Orders, Procman just does not print out the Invoice.  Typically, but not always, this occurs when we have an over the counter sale and a direct invoice is required.  We can see the sales order waiting to print in Procman, but it just doesn't print.  It is doing my headin , and that of our Branch Manager !!!

This is definitely not a network problem - the job is never actually printed from Dynamics - you can see in the Event History that sometimes there is a gap of 5, 10, 20 minutes sometimes HOURS and that causes all sorts of stress for our guys.  This has also scared off a lot of our over-the-counter business as customers don't want to wait that long to receive their invoice.

Has anyone had this problem before and resolved it??

It is usually only one branch, but not always the same Order Type (ie, sometimes it's a session --> shipper --> invoice, sometimes it's a direct invoice.  We have done things like taken the Sales Journal processing step out of the Sales Order process and running that under a separate login elsewhere, and this hasn't helped. We also have a trigger to force shippers through, but that hasn't helped either.

Anyone got any other ideas ??

Posted By: cicel
Date Posted: January 25 2012 at 9:47am


we have an error in the sales diary, from 2 years...
the origin was the invoice number consecutive the order type settings,
that invoice number was in the refnbr table,
we put mor ceros to the left, so they dont make duplicity with other order type invoice numbers.

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