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Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Topic: Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Posted By: rsplajit
Subject: Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Date Posted: January 17 2012 at 2:39am
Hello Friends,

Can you please tell me, What are the Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with SharePoint?


Posted By: DaveIreland
Date Posted: January 17 2012 at 4:18am
The out-of-the-box integration between CRM 2011 and SharePoint 2010 is very simple.  You can configure the integration on (almost) any entity in the CRM.  Once configured, each time a user creates a new record (a new contact, for example) the a new SharePoint document folder will be created for that contact, and it's URL will be linked to the CRM contact.  So users will now have a location where they can upload this contact's documents, and have them stored in a related-way to the contact itself.
We've been writing similar integration for our customers for years using CRM plugins, and while the addition of out-of-the-box integration is a welcome step in the right direction, it's still a bit too basic for most users.
Hope this helps.


Dave Ireland

Posted By: GlentonMalvyn
Date Posted: January 23 2012 at 9:40pm
Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps increase productivity and create a connected organisation that is equipped to please your customers. The result is a compelling and engaging experience for customers that sets your business apart.

Posted By: johnadams
Date Posted: June 24 2013 at 5:01am

Many CRM software and/or service packages exist to help companies manage the customer relationship process. In fact, salespeople tend to think of these computer programs as the be-all and end-all of CRM. But CRM has existed for much longer than the computer – in fact, it has been around in one form or another for as long as people have been buying and selling. Computers havegreatly enhanced the customer relationship management process because the key to a good CRM is uncovering and storing information about customers. 

Posted By: samuel6233
Date Posted: July 19 2013 at 6:16am
One great feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it can easily be integration with SharePoint and has an option to view, and manage documents that are stored for easy reference. This list of documents will have the version number, the date, and the person who last modified it. Users, on the other hand, can edit these documents or read it on the system.

1. Direct Collaboration
Documents are always referred in many processes especially during sales and marketing; therefore, we require an effective Document Management System. With Microsoft CRM integration in SharePoint, users can now manage important sales or marketing documents and then share it in the entire team. This will allow users to collaborate in a more user-friendly way. Version controlling, simultaneous editing, and checking in or out are now very easy to implement thanks to Microsoft SharePoint. Users can create a new SharePoint folder to store documents or use an existing document for editing. Documents can easily be retrieved or shared to the rest of the team.

2. Linking has never been this easy
Documents can be linked to other entities with CRM installed. Adding to that, if you integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SharePoint, you can edit and maintain documents within MS Dynamics CRM.

3. Improved Security and Version Control
A common scenario when checking for documents is that when users check in the documents, it has to be checked first, also, version history and document properties should be checked. All of these process occur in a separate system which takes a lot of time and resources to complete. SharePoint integration with CRM makes this processes be done in a single process instead of a separate system. Thus, better security and version control is achieved.

In addition to that, documents are stored in the server so if you need it, you can gain access to these documents even if the computer you are using does not have Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint 2012 enables users to search and work on the documents whenever needed. The good news is that, it doesn’t require any custom code to get started.

However, there is one limitation to Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. The location of the document is at enterprise level. This means that users will have to specify the exact URL of the SharePoint site to gain access to the documents. These cannot be generated automatically so the user must know the exact URL of the SharePoint site that they need.

Hope this answer helps you,and other" rel="nofollow - dynamics crm developers .

Posted By: Karya Technologies
Date Posted: August 04 2013 at 11:00pm
Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be integrated with sharepoint very easily and let us view, manage and store documents. Documents can be linked to other entities. With integrated, you can open and edit documents within MS Dynamics CRM. Documents can be shared with other team members very effectively. Security and version control can be done. These benefits can make the integration very effective and useful for organizations. 

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Posted By: alliancetekinc
Date Posted: October 17 2013 at 5:19am
great feature of Microsoft Dynamics" rel="nofollow - CRM is that it can easily be integration with SharePoint and has an option to view, and manage documents that are stored for easy reference. the main benefit is,
Better security and version control
2.Quick linking
3.Direct collaboration

Posted By: microlabs
Date Posted: March 27 2017 at 4:18am

Complementary feature sets suggest using SharePoint for the collaborative document creation and management tasks, and as the repository for a document’s version history.

Dynamics CRM Entities that can easily take advantage of SharePoint integration include:

  • Products: View and add information about existing products, licensing and kits that may be part of an Opportunity or service request. For example, the customer might already possess a bike that has a broken chain. You see that it is an older bike, but that new bikes are available through the documents. You reference and send information about the new bike and upon interest, create a new opportunity – all while helping out your customer.
  • Documents: Add a document location associated with the Opportunity record by specifying a URL of an existing SharePoint folder.
  • Quotes: reference and specify price list specified via SharePoint and have external parties modify and append.
  • Sales Literature: provide better information and increased business intelligence into the products, service and customer service philosophy’s and business processes of your organization. Sales literature can be associated with products, competitors and marketing campaigns. Think spec sheets, marketing flyers and FAQs.
  • Customer Service: you can use SharePoint to lay out external facing documents as a first line of customer service.
  • Marketing Campaigns: you can designate SharePoint as a one stop shop for special offers, targeted products

    Server-based Dynamics CRM and SharePoint integration is a new feature introduced in the Spring 14 release for Dynamics CRM 2013.   In this blog, I’ll discuss the integration between Dynamics CRM Online and SharePoint Online with a quick demo of what the new interaction brings you.

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Posted By: sathizjill
Date Posted: August 10 2018 at 5:28am
Microsoft Dynamics CRM services can help you monitor your sales activities, manage the relationship with customer, clients and sales projection etc. Effective CRM can help you increase your customers, and when customers increase sales goes up automatically is a vital part of every business strategy nowadays. If you successfully implement a CRM, it can reduce the overall cost of customer service and the marketing operations of your company. If you want to implement CRM successfully  for your business, approach best" rel="nofollow - Microsoft dynamics consultants .

Posted By: vrundap
Date Posted: May 22 2019 at 10:24pm
The Microsoft Dynamics CRM SharePoint integration provides various benefits for all business sizes. It helps end users view, share and manage documents with ease, enhance employee productivity and make collaboration among sales, marketing and customer service support teams more seamless. 

Dynamics CRM-SharePoint integration benefits:
  • Simplified Document Management
  • Better Team Collaboration
  • Quick Inter-Entity Linking
  • Out-of-the-Box Customization
  • Increased Customer Coverage & ROI

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Posted By: Akshay_M
Date Posted: July 04 2019 at 1:18am
Originally posted by rsplajit rsplajit wrote:

Hello Friends,

Can you please tell me, What are the Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with SharePoint?


Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint are widely popular and contemporary solutions with powerful features and functionalities. Many enterprises across the world have deployed these solutions to meet business objectives, streamline operations and promote growth.

But a majority of businesses are using both Dynamics CRM and SharePoint as two independent systems. The major reason behind this is that they are unaware of the capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration and its advantages for their business.


The Microsoft Dynamics CRM SharePoint integration provides various benefits for all business sizes. It helps end users view, share and manage documents with ease, enhance employee productivity and make collaboration among sales, marketing and customer service support teams more seamless. Saving on additional licensing costs is one of the primary benefit of developing an app using SharePoint and integrating it with MS CRM, as you can store your documents and data in Dynamics CRM and view it using SharePoint platform. A variety of other Dynamics CRM-SharePoint integration benefits includes:


1.    Simplified Document Management: Many enterprises deploy SharePoint for document management. These documents contain customer contacts, accounts and other business entities that need to be tracked. Integrating Dynamics CRM with SharePoint can help you monitor these business entities while making document sharing, updating, and management much easier.

2.    Better Team Collaboration: The most important benefit of Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint is improved team collaboration. Every enterprise uses a robust document management system to simplify and automate their sales and marketing processes. This requires users to maintain and share numerous documents across different departments. Through CRM SharePoint integration, users can easily and quickly maintain and share the documents to enable direct and swift collaboration.

3.    Improved Data Security: The Dynamics CRM and SharePoint integration allow users to view, edit, or share documents and check version history using a single platform. Users do not have to switch systems to perform these functions. It also allows non-CRM users to view the documents stored within the SharePoint platform. However, they require adequate permissions and authorization rights to access the documents stored on the SharePoint server.

4.    Quick Inter-Entity Linking: Quick linking is another beneficial feature of SharePoint and CRM integration. It allows users to link specific documents with other business entities right inside the CRM. These entities can include marketing campaigns, opportunities, quotes, sales literature, and case studies. The integration further enables users to edit, retrieve and share documents from within the Dynamics CRM software, depending on users’ document access rights.

5.    Out-of-the-Box Customization: The integration lets users transfer documents from Dynamics CRM to a public domain. This out of the box feature is essential for the customer support teams. Users can customize websites using the same platform to deliver personalized content to customers. Thereafter, the customers can be allowed to view the content by granting them access rights to specific documents or product information.

6.    Increased Customer Coverage & ROI: SharePoint is a great tool for team collaboration and data integration. This provides you with an opportunity to serve your customers better and in an effective manner. By offering customers direct access to your product and business information, you can expect an increased return on investment.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Dynamics CRM with SharePoint integration also offers one location accessibility, enhanced employee performance, improved content management, and versioning control




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