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Code to Prevent Duplication

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Printed Date: October 20 2019 at 1:59am

Topic: Code to Prevent Duplication
Posted By: LisaA
Subject: Code to Prevent Duplication
Date Posted: April 20 2018 at 5:03am

Hi, I am relatively new to doing customizations in Dynamics SL and I am attempting to prevent the user from putting in a duplicated customer PO in the sales order screen for Dynamics SL. However after putting in the code, I am getting an error message that the VBA could not be compiled for execution.

I know something is wrong with the code but I cannot figure it out so I will be greatly appreciative is someone could tell me what I am doing wrong. I have pasted the code that I have on the screen so far. Thanks so much in advance

Private Sub ccustordnbr_0_Chk(ChkStrg As String, retval As Integer)

Dim SqlStr As String

SqlStr = "Select custordnbr from soheader where custid = " + SParm(sivMyApp.Controls("Ccustid_0").value)
SqlStr = SqlStr + " and custordnbr = " + SParm(ChkStrg)

serr1 = SqlFetch1(c1, SqlStr, bcustordnbr, LenB(bcustordnbr))
    If serr1 <> NOTFOUND Then
        Call MsgBox(" PO number has already been entered for this customer. Please re-enter or cancel document.", vbOKOnly, "ERROR")
        retval = ErrNoMess
    End If

End Sub


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